Monday, July 6, 2009


Since we are small start-up company in the development of these new products, we will not be providing compensation at this time for the first round of songs composed/performed. However, if we like your style, you may be chosen to compose/perform the THEME SONG, for which you will be paid. If the product is successful and we move forward expanding our product line, you may also be asked to work on the new products and will be paid at that time on either a flat rate or a royalty basis. However, you (and your band) will be given full credit for the composition and performance of songs used on the DVDs. Additionally, once we have a collection of children's songs, we may also produce a sing-along CD, which you would be compensated for on either a flat rate or royalty basis. This opportunity is a resume builder with the possibility of future work (a chance to get in on the ground floor so to speak). But there are no guarantees.

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